9 things you should know about srk v/s salman khan-

1) Godfather- salman khan had his father salim khan’s influence to get established in bollywood, whereas shahrukh was a poor guy from delhi, who made debut on his talent.

2) Image- salman has the bad guy image and has proved it right time and over, whereas shahrukh is known to be the perfect father and husband. Has a image of a perfect man.

3) Court case- Salman has 9 cases in his name, including crushing 5 beggars at night while drunk and driving, killing chingara and many more, whereas shahrukh has never seen a real jail in his life.

4) Hits- Out of 46 movies salman has done, 11 were hits and 6 super hits whereas out of 73 movies SRK has done 40 were hits and 18 blockbuster.

5) Fans- salman has a fan following only in india, South asia and UAE, Srk has a huge fan following in india, south asia, UAE, U.K, U.S.A, france, germany, russia, canada, africa, east europe, south korea and more.

6) Net worth- salman has a net worth of 400 crore whereas SRK has a net worth of 4750 crore.

7) Donation- salman runs a foundation named being human and has turned it into a brand whereas Srk has donated around 18 crore to the cancer cell of AIIMS hospital and has not even preached about it.

8) Some say srk is greedy, well he is, he has 2 children’s future to look after, 1 huge bungalow to maintain, has a wife.. ( A father trying to earn as much money as he can for his children is not said to be greedy). 

9) Power- SRK is the only indian to be included in forbes top 100 influential person in the world. According to UK tabloid, SRK has 5million+ fans which is 6 times more then salman khan. That’s why he is and will remain the KING!!!

SRK.. Alwys a Hardcore Fan 🙂 think of it b4 u criticise srk.

The fact is that in one year SRK is compared to Aamir, next year he is compared to Amitabh and then the year after he is being compared to Salman.. Phew …. Isn’t this enough to state what SRK is.

BAADSHAH stays where he is ….. 

The competition keeps on changing…