Anna-lysis of a Ramlila!

It’s been more than couple of weeks when Anna agreed to discontinue his fast when debate had happened in our parliament over Jan lokpal bill and govt. almost agreed to accept demands of Anna. And everybody (aam admi) celebrated this moment as a victory over a arrogant government.

Many observers have noticed the displays of nationalism around the anti-corruption movement taking place in New Delhi and other Indian cities, as people have marched waving the tricolor and shouting patriotic slogans.

From rickshaw pullers to religious leaders, from students to businessmen, people from all quarters of society have come out in support of the anti-corruption crusade led by veteran activist Anna Hazare who is protesting for a stronger version of anti-corruption legislation that is currently before India’s Parliament. Wednesday marks the ninth day of his hunger strike.

Young men have played drums and danced in the streets while shouting nationalistic slogans, displaying pride at being Indian even as the protest movement draws attention to the widespread rot in India’s public systems.

Different people have taken this movement differently. Some attention seekers like Arundhati Rai called it nautanki, somebody called it Anit dalit, someone called it anti-muslim and someone even called is sponsored by America. All the souls who were somehow near to congress mindset, called it blackmail. Some of the people made statement that, “the guys who are visiting and protesting in Ramlila ground don’t even know what is Jan lokpal bill all about”. Basically there was no consensus about ideology of this movement.

Let’s spare 10-15 minutes and think, was that a simple anti-govt. movement lead by someone? of  it was somehow different from others?

What I believe, it was not simply a movement by Anna to which a lot of people supported. It was movement each individual of a Middle class. The reason of success of this movement was simply a guilt of a Middle class. Irony of middle class is they want to do many things for betterment of society and country but they are so busy and involved in their day to day life that they don’t have time to do any such things.