Challenges of post-recession time!

“Instead of stable and long term career plan in my exsiting company, I rather prefer to change companies frequenty or try to get most out of my existing company” said Sourabh Malhotra, a senior .net developer working with one of  the leading software developent firm in NCR. You must have faced similar kind of sentiments or statement from a lot of people in the Industry.

Couple of years back, people were opting for long term carrer plan with the companies. In any statble medium size software firm (40-70 people team), on an average 70% people were completing 3-4 years on an average in one company. They were quite happy with the kind of growth they were getting that period of time.

These day also they are getting similar kind of growth but they are not planning to stick to the same organization for long period. Alarming situation!!


I think credit goes to the economic downturn (Recession). Most of the organizations have changed their working style and taken a lot of steps to face the challenges of recession. People somehow adjusted themselves according to the need of time (not whole-heatedly though).

Now the recession is over (hoefully), things are settling to normal. But all the people who went through this period, have developed a mindset which is resulting following things

  • People are changing job very frequently.
  • They are not at all thinking long term.
  • When it comes to growth they talk about “Money” only.
  • Ownership towards organization is going low day by day.

and following are are effects on the organizations

  • Key people are leaving
  • HR cost is going up
  • Due to low level of ownership, project suffers
  • Management is not able to make long term plans
  • Retaining key clients becoming difficult

But situation is not “Out of Control”.

Companies will need to review and retool workforce and talent management strategies as the economy improves. Top performers feel the employment deal has changed. Well-planned workforce and talent management actions can help companies navigate the post-recession recovery without losing key talent.

Umesh Chandra