Feeling a Culture Problem? Better fix it!

We’ve all felt culture misalignment, micromanagement, or new ideas struggling to take hold. And sure, there are times when the solution is really to cut your losses and move on to a healthier environment.

But before you jump ship, here’s a bit of tough love:

Have you considered that you might be part of the problem?

If we’re being micromanaged, perhaps we’re the one that’s hindering *being* managed with our own communication style, attitude, or process and approach.

If there’s a culture dynamic that needs adjusting, maybe we can contribute toward the change by being willing to wade into the thick of it.

If we’re not getting the responses we want, maybe we need to think about how we’re communicating.

If we perceive systems and processes to be rigid, it may be that we need to be more adaptable.

If we seek leadership that inspires us to do more and better, we must be at least a little bit willing to be led.

If something isn’t going the way we need it to, it may be up to us to start and have the difficult conversations.

Change is a collective effort. If we wish it, we have to be willing to be part of it and never settle for good enough. We have to have the self awareness to at least ask the question about how we might be hindering it in our own individual way. Or we might need to be willing to change something else that can support the ultimate change we seek.

There are often solutions to seemingly impossible problems if we can individually take responsibility for part of the patience, perseverance, and creativity needed to develop them. And it can be incredibly rewarding when finally, after much effort and determination, you can feel the tiniest bit of progress on the path beneath your feet.

So, have a talk with yourself today. Figure out where you can make an impact. And get to it.

Courtesy: Amber Naslund