Getting formal “Project closure” from your clients in outsourcing world.

I think this is the most common problem faced by any Project Manager. It’s not easy to get a formal “Project Closure” from the clients (not always though).

In some of the projects, during all phases of project, everything will go smooth. You’ll have all the praises and appreciation for that particular client but the moments you ask for formal project closure, you’ll have series of emails from the client sharing his concern on the project.

Based on my experience if you experience following symptoms, be assured that this client is going to create problem during the project closure process

  • In Kick-off meeting, client says that I am thoroughly relying on you guys for the success of this project
  • He admits that he is not that much technical and don’t expect too much inputs from him.
  • During requirement gathering phase he is hardly adding any value and approving everything without questioning your quality of SRS or FSD.
  • He is not insisting you to submit a proper project plan.
  • His response time is very slow.
  • He is postponing project update meetings frequently.
  • He is not concerned even if you are delaying the project.
  • During the project you come to know that, he has hired someone as new point of contact on that project.

    All project managers, project leads have faced such clients in your career so far. I would like all of you to share your experience so that after that we can discuss on some of the solutions for handling such scenarios/clients.

    Umesh Chandra