How to deal with Micromanagement?

“Be careful of every order you give. Once you give an order on a particular topic, you are responsible for always giving orders on that topic.”

In your career you must have encountered self claimed great leaders who feel Proud of being a micro manger!

Are you a micro manager?
  • What gives you pleasure in doing micro management?
  • Aren’t you doubting their capabilities by micro managing them?
  • If you think that team is less capable then fire them and hire someone who can give you comfort for not doing micro management.
  • If you want to grow your team, let them do thier work so that they should have some sense of accomplishment end of the day.
  • Did you realize that due to your micromanagement, your team is not taking decisions. Where are your team heading?
  • Due to your micro management, your team will start doubting their capabilities even if they are good in what they do.
  • By micro managing things don’t you think you are increasing work load on you?
  • If you think that your team will not be transparent with you if you don’t micromanage then improve in your reporting and processes.
  • If you think that you don’t micromanage then try to get this validated from your team.
Are you dealing with a micro manager?

  • Try to understand that why your manager is doing that.
  • Try to give him/her enough information about your work so that h/she can stop doing it gradually (give a try).
  • Have you started accepting it as you don’t have choice (can be dangerous to you)?
  • You’ll never have sense of accomplishment, doesn’t matter how good you are in your work.
  • If you are helpless, go for a change. You might be lucky this time.

Admit it, and deal with the two driving forces: concern for quality, and need for speed. Take the time it takes today. Invest in the time and training to give your employees whatever they need to make the decisions or complete the tasks you find yourself needing (or wanting) to do. And if caring is the big concern, well, you get what you create. If you treat employees like zombies, then zombies is exactly what you’ll get. Sometimes all it takes is giving people a chance to develop more skill and knowledge, the space to use their brains, and a worthwhile challenge.

“But, but, but–they don’t care as much as I do — that’s why I’m the manager and they’re not.” Bulls***. You might be the manager simply because you wanted to be a manager. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re better at the job than those you manage. It might even mean you’re simply better at the details and support work than the actual work.

Doing everything right doesn’t guarantee passionate users, but if we–or those we manage–don’t have passion, how can we expect to inspire our users?