I managed to talk to Sarthak (again)

Guess what?

Today while driving to office, I manage to talk to Sarthak Again, I talked to him om 30th Jan 2009. Sarthak is one of the best Radio Jockies in Delhi. He is a Radio Jockey on Hit 95 Radio FM

I played “Nine Second Nail Biter” with him and this time he asked an abbreviation. He asked full form of PUC, I was nervous and not able to give answer, he was kind enough and given me another abbreviation MMS, this time I was able to (although I said Multimedia Messages correct one it Multimedia Messaging services) but he considered it right.

Then he given me polite applause with Oriental Gong.

Getting polite applause from RJ like Sarthak was a big thing for me specially on the start of the day.